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Haddon Family Dentistry

“Went today for my first visit and by far the best experience and that is saying a lot for a dentist office.”

Michael B.

“I went to Haddon Family Dentistry yesterday and had the most thorough exam and cleaning in 32 yrs. I was greeted and treated with loving courtesy. The dental asst. really made me feel comfortable during my procedures. They gave me the works. The office itself definitely makes u feel at home it’s modern and gorgeous. GO DR AND MRS DWORAK. MY NEW DENTAL HOME.”

Esther S.

“My sister was so impressed by this practice! Beautiful facility & Rachel was a doll! Great job!!”

Jessica M.

“Currently a self-pay customer. My first visit to this NEW, CLEAN office was for a full set of x-rays, exam and cleaning. Dr. Dworak was very professional, gentle and friendly. The staff was also very nice, including Rachel who arranged my appointment, took my X-rays and assisted the dentist. I will be recommending this practice as well as returning for future visits.”

Christina C.

“Just found a dentist that i will actually go to!!!!! First time i actually enjoyed going. Thanks for the great service and whiter smile keep up the good work!”

Robert C.

"We are new patients & big fans of this office - Dr. Dworak, his assistant, and Rachel are all so wonderful! My mother was so impressed and so pleased and so was I! Will be sending family & friends your way! Many thanks!"

Heather B.

"Thanks for getting me in last minute! Dr. Dworak is SO gentle and does a great job. Doesn't hurt that his staff is extremely sweet too. Thanks again."

Christina C.

"Simply stated, Haddon Family Dentistry is the best!!!!"

Amy K.

"I had the best experience today, for my first visit at Haddon Family Dentistry."

Freyda B.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You made today's trip well worth it and totally painless! I will definitely be back to start the process on regaining a healthy mouth!"

Danielle B.

"Thank you for such a great experience today. You are all truly kind and wonderful people and I'm so grateful and happy that I found your practice. Have a wonderful Christmas. See you on the 5th!"

Donna L.

"Thank you for the excellent service today. I was very nervous but Dr. Dworak and the assistant made sure i was comfortable and pain free throughout the entire appointment."

Misha J.

"Just had my first visit to Haddon Family Dentistry and couldn't have been more satisfied. The staff were friendly and professional and Dr. Dworak was exemplary. Plus the price was RIGHT ! What a combination."

Noreen L.

"I was so afraid make that terrified of the dentist do to past experiences and have not been there for about 4 years. My husband researched and found Haddon Family Dentistry. Finding them was a prayer answered. My first impression was his amazing staff who made me feel so comfortable and at ease. When I meet Dr. Dworak he was so nice. I thought this is to good to be true. Then came the test I needed a filling. Everyone was amazing again, then I sat in the chair. I could not believe the difference. He said he would do everything he could not to cause pain because that was his job to make you not to be afraid and to want to come back. I have to say I AM A BELIEVER. The whole experience was amazing. I now love the dentist and his staff. They are awesome."

Anna M.

"I spent just about 3 hours in the chair getting work done Saturday March 16th and I woke up today Sunday March 17th in very little to no pain sore that's about it. I was told after all was done I could feel some pain and there was a lot done.Thank you for taking the fear out of getting detail work done and being as gentl as you could. Now today I get to spend time with my nephew Little Ant because I had a great guy work on my teeth. Thank you so very much!
I almost forgot. I even got a phone call making sure I was ok. That's true caring right there.

Thank you!"

Joseph F.

"A really Great Experience. Wish I had these people years ago, I was never satisfied with previous dentist until my wife found Dr. Dworak's practice on the internet. I was sold on my first visit for a cleaning. My wife had problems with dental work from past dental procedures. I said "you've gotta try this guy, he's the best." She was as pleased as I am and now our daughter, 23 years old, had an accident damaging a front tooth, Dr. Dworak took her in the next day and needless to say she was glad to have that smile back that quickly! Don't settle for a dentist you'er not satisfied with. I've gotta give kudos to Dr.'s wife Rachel and all the staff at this office, some really nice people, they're like family. O yeah' I love the "Kindle Fire" I won at quarterly office drawing :) !!"

Dean N.

"Absolutely the best experience I've ever had. Wonderful doctor and staff. I would highly recommend and everyone knows I'm a tough critic."

Lisa L.

"I would give them more stars if possible. The entire staff are nothing but first class.
I had a routine checkup and some cosmetic work done, and the entire staff were
sincerely concerned with my satisfaction....to the extent of even sending me to a
dental lab to make sure the shade of my new cap matched exactly. Dr. Dworak made me feel at ease from the get go. The staff were top notch too. I HIGHLY recommend
Dr. Dworak Haddon Family Dentistry to all. (Esp the not so brave) My fear of dentist
is completely gone....You can tell that by my smile!!!!!!"

Mary B.

"Modern technology. Clean. Staff and Dr. D take their time, ask questions and genuinely care. Christina was awesome."

Richard C.

"I'm 37 years old and I've never had a cavity. I'm not bragging. I'm pointing out that I don't have a lot of experience with invasive dental work. (and bragging) and it's apparently a very unpleasant thing... But not with this dentist!

I walked in there on a SATURDAY morning (Seriously? Who does that!?) in excruciating pain and they were all booked up. My next stop was to Home Depot for a hammer to fix it myself but after a dental assistant observed the amount of pain I was in she stepped in and said they'd be able to work me in. I didn't even have to wait 15 minutes. Pretty good for a last minute walk in!

The doc discussed the options with me and I told him to pull it. Man oh man... If all dental work goes like this I really don't see what all you whiners with the cavity teeth are talking about. I could do that all day. I didn't feel a thing. When it was over he showed me the two halves of my molar that had cracked inside of my mouth held together only by my jawbone and said "Good call! There was no fixing this"

My wife says I'm no longer grumpy all the time and at the risk of TMI I've been getting luckier because of it!

I'm thoroughly convinced that the world is getting dumber, colder and crueler. It's really nice to know that there are still businesses out there where the staff gives a crap about you, their business, their reputation and they do quality work."

Cliff C.

"Best around!!"

Christine C.

"Dr. Dworak is amazing. He's kind, gentle and listens to the patient. Recently he extracted a tooth that was given me issues. He weighed my options but we decided to pull the tooth. The staff was so kind when I was clearly nervous. I will absolutely come back here. If you need a dentist, come here."

Sarah L.

"I was recommended this place by an acquaintance who new Dr. Dworak personally and she spoke very highly of his professionalism and honesty so I went there myself. The office from the outside doesn't look like much located within a plaza, but don't judge a book by it's cover. My appointment was at 8 a.m. and I was seen at 8 a.m. I was able to fill out preliminary paperwork on their website so that saved time and hassle at the office. - big plus right away. Everything in their office is new and modern from their decor (cool back splash in the bathroom) to the their equipment (my xrays popped up on a big screen as they were taken) My dental hygienist was great - she was personable, had good people skills she was knowledgeable and educated me regarding a condition that she noticed which Dr. Dworak further reiterated. They had Sports Center on in my room to distract me from some of my not so favorite cleaning procedures (no offense). Overall I was treated with respect, very politely, I got a sense of honesty and them being up front with me and the equipment and the office were all very modern and up to date and to end my experience I got a little goodie back - a small gesture but still exciting even when you are almost 30."

Svetlana K.

"Great dental office. Very welcoming. Christina the dental hygienist is awesome. Highly recommend this place...."

Mike B.

"Best dentist I have ever been to, such kind and gentle people and the facility is beautiful. They took me with no problem when everyone else turned me down. Thank you for taking my pain away!"

Heather P.

"HIGHLY recommend this practice. Beautiful office, friendly staff, timely appointment, and the hygienist & dentist took the time to explain everything they were doing & what I did/did not need to be worried about. Also very convenient to be able to fill out the forms online in advance."

Julie M.

"Was apprehensive about going having not gotten my teeth cleaned in like 5 years. Was quick, painless, and the staff was extremely friendly. Wouldn't go anywhere else from now on."

Miles S.

"The best dentistry ever. Dr.Dworak is the greatest dentist of all in my lifetime. The staff feels like family. The equipment is of the highest standard. Gentle care and painless procedures.

Thank you for my smile"

Julian H.

"AWESOME place!! Hygienist was so nice and did a great job. The front desk girls were so nice and welcoming.....the Dr....well he is the best!! Informative, considerate of budgetary issues and very thorough...I am not going to lie...I hate going to the dentist but this office has won me over!!!"

Lisa P.

"Outstanding. Everyone, from front end to back end, is great. Kind and caring. Dr. Dworak is excellent. They were even kind enough to see my little guy for a second opinion when we had to go to an new dentist because of insurance (sob!!!). I love this place. Go!"

Bella M.

"I was new to the area & in search of a good dentist. All the great reviews here do not lie. Dr. Dworak is kind, honest & a great dentist with a wonderful office & staff.

Went in for a cleaning & had a filling that was giving me some "trouble". Indeed that filling needed to be replaced. I talked to the doctor about replacing all my other silver fillings with the more pleasantly looking white fillings. After looking at my x-Rays & my teeth his honest opinion was not to mess with the other fillings that are not giving me any trouble. Any other dentist would have said, "Yeah, let's replace them all & collect all the money." He was honest & I appreciate that so much. So happy to have found him.

I also want to mention Christina who was my dental assistant. She was wonderful. So kind & made sure I was always comfortable & did a great cleaning.

The office staff was very friendly & professional. When I called them to make my appointment they told me I could fill out my patient history form online. This made my visit so much quicker. I did that, hit send then show up to my appointment on time (otherwise, they suggest you come 15 mins earlier). I got there right on time, signed my form & immediately was sat inside. I never once waited in the waiting area. Very organized staff!

The office is pristine with the latest equipments. It's nice that they also have flat screen TVs in all the rooms & hand you the remote so you can watch TV while they are working on your teeth or you're waiting. Really cool touch & honestly it made my cleaning so less stressful as I concentrated on the TV instead of the cleaning."

Liz C.

"This is the best practice I have ever been to and I have had 10 years worth of dental issues due to past chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I have been through teeth extractions and root canals and I was never brought to tears because of pain like I was last night. I was at my wit's end, calling practice after practice on Google at 7:15pm. I came across Haddon Family Dentistry and called them, crying. Seeing they closed at 8pm and I was a new patient, I really didn't think they would see me. To my surprise, the woman on the other end of the phone was so extremely compassionate and told me to get right over to the office. Dr. Dworak started an emergency root canal because of my necrotic pulp and gave me a referral to an endodontist to finish the canal as well. They took such good care of me, made me feel safe, they were empathetic and so very compassionate. I have never experienced such kindness by dental staff...ever. I would highly recommend this practice to all."

Tiff A.

"I've always hated going to the dentist. There... I said it.

Yup, a visit to the dentist ranks right up there with a car breakdown in traffic, or a surprise visit from my Mother-in-Law on my personal "this sucks" scale. That's why I usually procrastinate and avoid trips to the dentist until I'm in pain. Yes, I know... regular dental care is important. But I preferred minor dental pain to dealing with my previous dentists and their office staff. My experience with dentists hasn't been very good, not because my teeth are bad (they're not), but because the vast majority of dental offices I've been to are poorly run, and the dentists usually have the interpersonal skills of a rutabaga. So I would wait until the pain was enough to compel me to visit the dentist.

I recently had some dental pain, and I called my previous dentist (not Haddon Family Dentistry) many times trying to get an appointment. After leaving multiple messages over several days, I finally got to talk to a live person in the office who couldn't schedule an appointment on the phone for me at that time, but said she would call me back shortly. She didn't.. so I fired my previous dentist and began my search for a new one.

I chose Haddon Family Dentistry based on their excellent Yelp reviews. I called and spoke to a friendly and professional lady who was able to get me an appointment quickly. She talked me through the simple and user-friendly online forms I needed to fill out prior to my visit, and I was set.

The office space at Haddon Family Dentistry is modern, warm, and absolutely spotless. The office staff is super friendly and very professional. Within 5 minutes of my appointment time I was in the dentist's chair talking to the dental assistant (assistant? associate? hygienist? ...sorry I don't know the correct terminology since I don't go to the dentist very often). I then met Dr. Dworak (AKA Dr. D for those of us with pronunciation challenges). Dr. D is extremely professional, yet he's also totally cool and easy to talk to. He did an examination, explained to me exactly what was going on with my teeth, and then he gave me options to fix my problems.

Since that 1st visit to Haddon Family Dentistry I've been back 2 additional times, and every time has been the same: exceptional service and very professional care. Every time I've had an appointment at HFD I'm in the chair within 5 minutes of my appointment time. I've had several cavities filled and a couple old fillings replaced, and in 3 visits I haven't had a single instance of pain... not even the initial stab from the anesthesia injection. Dr. D and his crew are simply the best in the business.

My wife recently had a dental emergency, and Dr. D and his posse at HFD was able to see her immediately, even though they weren't scheduled to see any patients that day! Customer service doesn't get any better than that.

Many thanks to Dr. D and his excellent staff. I highly recommend Haddon Family Dentistry."

Steve S.

"I switched dentist, after many years disliking my "clinic-like" cramped outdated busy "TOWNSHIP" dentist. Dr Dworak was there but I could tell he was better and more professional than that place. When he opened his own practice and I needed some more serious work I went to him. What a pleasant surprise, office is fantastic, staff, environment and ability to get an appointment. Cleanings are not a power wash, but a real cleaning, and Dr Dworak is honest, up to date and professional. I wish he was my dentist 30 years ago and my cynical view of dentist being all about money grabbing and not focused on teeth would have been different."

John P.

"Everyone was so nice ! Also the practice was clean and organized. Goodie bags were awesome too. Highly recommend"

Julia P.

"Nice staff. Nice waiting area. I think they did a great job with my wisdom tooth removal."

Augustus C.

"Excellent Dentist! I had an emergency visit with him my first time there and he was so accommodating and competent. I then had an implant abatement done with him also very quick and easy. My husband went to him for a cleaning and said it was the best cleaning he's ever had. Everyone from the receptionist to the dentist is courteous and professional!"

Elena J.

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